Past events

15 July 2019, 17:00-18:30, MoByz Book Club Meeting III under the moderation of Dr. Matthew Kinloch – Invitation

1-4 July 2019 "Moving Byzantium III" - Sessions at the International Medieval Congress in Leeds Programme / Abstracts

6-8 June 2019, Workshop co-organized with the Institute of Iranian Studies (OeAW) on Urban Agencies: Personal and Collective Agency in Anatolian and Caucasian Cities (13th-14th Centuries)” - Programme - Announcement For further information, click here 

3 June 2019, 17:00-18:30, MoByz Book Club Meeting II under the moderation of Dr. Emilio Bonfiglio – Invitation

20 May 2019, MoByz Book Club Meeting I under the moderation of Dr. Johannes Preiser-Kapeller – Invitation

6 May 2019 Forum Moving Byzantium XIX on “Defining Factions and Networks of the Laurentian Schism: Ostrogothic Italy 498-514” by Daniel Knox (CEU) – Invitation

4 February 2019 Forum Moving Byzantium XVIII on “The Virgin ‘wider than Heaven’. From Pseudo-Dionysius to the Theological Controversies which opposed Byzantium to Rome between the seventh–ninth centuries” by Ass. Prof. Francesca Dell'Acqua Boyvadaoğlu (University of Salerno) - Invitation

21 January 2019 Forum Moving Byzantium XVII on “The Troubles with Likeness: Divine Responses to Man-Made Icons” by Prof. Karin Krause (The University of Chicago) - Invitation

16 December 2018, Scholarly Conversation with Prof. Paul Magdalino (University of St Andrews) on “The Urban Environment and Development of Byzantine Constantinople” Invitation

18 December 2018, Forum Moving Byzantium XVI on “Byzantine Studies and Environmental History: How to Develop a Meaningful Exchange between the two Disciplines?” by Ass. Prof. Adam Izdebski (Jagiellonian University, Krakow – Poland & Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History, Jena, Germany) - Invitation / Poster

23 November 2018, Forum Moving Byzantium XV on “Moving Byzantine Historiography into Postmodernity: From Vanishing Ladies to Female Gendered Characters” by Dr. Matthew Kinloch (Austrian Academy of Sciences) Invitation/Poster

4 October 2018, Forum Moving Byzantium XIV on “Creating and Communicating a Worldview: Diagrammatic and Theoretical Accounts of the Cosmos in Palaiologan Byzantium” by Dr. Divna Manolova (University of Silesia in Katowice) - Invitation/Poster

2-5 July 2018 "Moving Byzantium II" - Sessions at the International Medieval Congress in Leeds Programme / Abstracts

12 June 2018, 11:30-13:00 Lecture on "The Houses of the Elite in the Byzantine Constantinople" by Prof. Paul Magdalino (University of St Andrews) Invitation/Poster

28 May 2018, 17:00-18:30 Forum Moving Byzantium XIII on "The Armenian Translation of the Greek Miracles of St Thecla in the Context of Armenian-Byzantine Contacts in the 11th Century" by Prof. Dr. Valentina Calzolari Bouvier (University of Geneva) - Invitation/Poster

7 May 2018, 18:00-19:00 Informal presentation on the topic "Identifying Greeks and Greekness: Migration, Acculturation, and Integration in Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Central Italy, 600-100 " by Prof. Edward Schoolman (University of Reno, Nevada) - Invitation/Poster

24 April 2018 (17:00) Open Lecture: “The Sinai Palimpsests: Recovering Ancient Texts and the Early History of the Monastery” by Father Justin Sinaites (Librarian, Holy Monastery of Saint Catherine, Sinai/Egypt) at the "BIG Lecture Hall" - University of Vienna, Universitätsring 1, 1010 Vienna - Poster/Invitation 

In conjunction with:

25-27 April 2018 (9:00-18:00/18:30) International conference: “New Light on Old Manuscripts:  Recent Advances in Palimpsest Studies” at the “ÖAW Sitzungssaal” - Austrian Academy of Sciences, Doktor-Ignaz-Seipel-Platz 2, 1010 Vienna, First Floor - Poster - Programme - Abstracts

20-22 April 2018 International Workshop: ‘Armenia & Byzantium Without Borders’ Poster - Programme - Abstracts

09 April 2018 (17:00-18:30) Forum Moving Byzantium XII on Hostages in Byzantium by Prof. Em. Judith E. Herrin (Constantine Leventis Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Hellenic Studies, King's College London) - Invitation and Bibliography (English)

12 March 2018 (18:30-20:00): Lecture “Byzantium beyond Byzantium: What about Greek(s) in Eighth-Century Italy? The Case of the Hypapante” by Dr. Francesca Dell'Acqua Boyvadaoğlu (University of Salerno) Invitation/Poster

05 March 2018 (17:00-18:30): Forum Moving Byzantium IX – “The Division and Classification of the Byzantine Élite (11th and 12th centuries)” by Márton Rózsa (Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest) - Invitation and Bibliography (English)

29 January 2018 (17:00-18:30): Forum Moving Byzantium XI – “Liturgy and the Formation of Identity” by Dr. Daniel Galadza (University of Vienna and Austrian Academy of Sciences) – Invitation and Bibliography (English)

5-7 Dec. 2017 International Conference in collaboration with the WissenschaftsCampus Mainz “Pilgrimage to Jerusalem: Christians, Jews and Muslims” - Programme

1 December 2017: Forum Moving Byzantium X – “Organized Lay Piety in Late Antiquity or: Rethinking the Beginnings of Communal Monasticism” by Prof. Dr. Claudia Rapp (University of Vienna / Austrian Academy of Sciences). Discussion moderator and respondent: Dr. Dionysios Stathakopoulos (King’s College London) - Invitation and Bibliography (English)

30 October 2017: Forum Moving Byzantium VIII – “Fasting on Wednesdays and Fridays” by Dr. Dirk Krausmüller (University of Vienna), Invitation and Bibliography (English)

28 September 2017: Forum Moving Byzantium VII – “Evolution of Large-Scale Societies” by Prof. Dr. Peter Turchin (University of Connecticut, USA) Invitation (English) / Invitation (German)

3-6 July 2017: “Moving Byzantium” at the International Medieval Congress in Leeds Programme / Abstracts / Participants

26-28 June 2017: Conference “Courts on the Move: Perspectives from the Global Middle Ages” Poster / Programme / Participants

12 June 2017: Lecture by Dr. Kostis Smyrlis (New York University) on “Manning the Byzantine Administration: The Families of Bureaucrats (11th-12th c.)” Invitation / Abstract

2 May 2017: Forum Moving Byzantium VI – From Cities to Countryside: "Byzantine Issues" in Medieval Armenian Literature (Moderator: Dr. Emilio Bonfiglio – Member of the Wittgenstein Project Team) Invitation and Bibliography (English) / Invitation-Poster (German)

21 March 2017: Forum Moving Byzantium V : Nomads and the State / Nomaden und Staat (Moderator: Dr. Nicholas J. B. Evans – Member of the Wittgenstein Project Team) Invitation and Bibliography (English) / Invitation-Poster (German)

20-21 January 2017: Vienna Dialogues Continued – Workshop-style conference on “Mobility and Migration in Byzantium: the Perspective of Material Culture” Programme / Abstracts / Participants / Flyer

9 January 2017: Forum Moving Byzantium IV: Mobility and Networks / Mobilität und Vernetzungen (Moderator: Dr. Johannes Preiser-Kapeller – Member of the Wittgenstein Project Team) Invitation and Bibliography (English) / Invitation-Poster (German)

2-3 December 2016: Conference on “Language Multiplicity in Byzantium: Words—Texts—Contexts” Programme / Participants / Flyer

17-19 November 2016: Conference on “Monastic Journeys from Late Antiquity to the Middle Ages: Religious Aspirations, Political Goals and Economic Concerns” Poster / Programme / Abstracts

14 November 2016Forum Moving Byzantium III: Microstructures in Byzantium: Groups and Group Formation / Mikrostrukturen in Byzanz: Gruppen und Gruppierung (Moderator: Prof. Dr. Claudia Rapp – Project Leader) Invitation and Bibliography (English) / Invitation-Poster (German)

24 October 2016Forum Moving Byzantium II: Position of the Individual and Personal Agency / Positionierung und Handlungsspielräume des Individuums (Moderator: Dr. Ekaterini Mitsiou - Member of the Wittgenstein Project Team) Invitation and Bibliography (English) / Invitation-Poster (German)

17-18 June 2016: Vienna Dialogues Continued: Workshop-style conference on “Mobility and Migration: the Perspective of Written Culture (Sources and Concepts)” Programme and Abstracts / Programme (PDF)

6 June 2016: Forum Moving Byzantium I: Revolution in Byzanz / Revolution in Byzantium (Moderator: Dr. Yannis Stouraitis – Member of the Wittgenstein Project Team) Invitation and Bibliography / Poster

25 May 2016: Wittgenstein-Preis Projekt: Einführungsveranstaltung / Wittgenstein-Prize Project: Kick-off Event Programme


Events of Interest:

Vienna Dialogues Series (2011-2016): Vienna Dialogues Conversation and Cooperation: Mobility in Byzantium and Beyond (Workshop-Style Conferences)