Mobility, Microstructures and Personal Agency in Byzantium

The project, financed through the 2015 Wittgenstein-Prize of the Austrian National Research Foundation (FWF), will highlight the role of Byzantium as a global culture and analyze the internal flexibility of Byzantine society. It aims to contribute to a re-evaluation of a society and culture that has traditionally been depicted as stiff, rigid and encumbered by its own tradition. This will be achieved by the exploration of issues of mobility, microstructures and personal agency.

Duration: 01/12/2015 - 30/11/2020


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Events in Vienna:

18 November 2019, 13:30-14:30, MoByz Lecture by Prof. Karin Krause (The University of Chicago, Divinity School) “Venetian Reinterpretations of a Relic: The Blood of Christ and the Icon of Berytus” – Invitation

22 November 2019, 12:00-13:00, MoByz Lecture by Prof. Filippo Ronconi (EHESS, CéSor, IIPS) “Shedding Some Light on the Latin Translations of the Hagiographic Dossier of Sts Cyrus and John: Between Bonifatius Consiliarius and Anastasius Bibliothecarius” – Invitation

19–21 March 2019, International Workshop “Bridging the Gap: The Prosopography of a Fragmented World (13th cent. CE)”

8–10 May 2019, Graduate and Early Career Workshop: Armenia & Byzantium without Borders III – Further information & Call for papers (deadline 31st of October 2019) 

International Events:

6-9 July 2020 "Moving Byzantium IV" - Sessions at the International Medieval Congress in Leeds


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Press & Media Coverage 2019:


23 Oktober 2019: Michael Knoche, „Legt das Pergament wieder in die Nische zurück“, Die Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung 246 (2019), p. 3 – PDF

10 July 2019: „Ein Kaiserreich voller Bewegung“, Forschungsnewsletter Juli 2019 (University of Vienna: Medienportal) – Link  

27 July 2019: Erich Witzmann, „Alte Manuskripte und der Text unter dem Text“, Die Presse (link to the online version: 26 July 2019)


Media coverage:

9 July 2019: Radio interview in Georgia with Dr. Emilio Bonfiglio, member of the Wittgenstein-Moving Byzantium-project team – Link / Also available on YouTube – Link


10 July 2019: TV interview in Georgia with Dr. Emilio Bonfiglio, member of the Wittgenstein-Moving Byzantium-project team, on Georgian manuscript culture in the program "New Day" broadcasted this morning on Georgian "First Channel" – Link