Dr. Emilio Bonfiglio

Dumbarton Oaks Byzantine Fellow

MA in Classics (Palermo); MPhil. in Eastern Christian Studies and D.Phil. in Oriental Studies (Oxford, 2011). Postdoctoral researcher at the University of Geneva (2011-2013) and British Academy postdoctoral fellow at Oxford (2013-2016). From October 2016 to September 2019 he worked in Vienna as scientific researcher in the Wittgenstein-Prize Project “Moving Byzantium” on the theme “Cultural Moblity in Late Antique and Early Medieval Armenia”. Since September 2019 he teaches at Boğaziçi University (Istanbul) as Calouste Gulbenkian Fellow in Armenian History and, since February 2020, also at the University of Geneva. Currently he is a research fellow of Dumbarton Oaks. 


Research interests:

  • Reception of late antique and Byzantine literary culture in the Christian Orient (Armenian, Syriac, Georgian)
  • Greek and Oriental Patristics
  • John Chrysostom and the pseudo-Chrysostomica
  • New Testament Apocrypha (Martyrium Philippi)
  • Armenian Medieval History and Literature
  • Eastern Christianity



Publications (selection):


Bonfiglio, E., “Anianus Celedensis Translator of John Chrysostom’s Homilies on Matthew: A Pelagian Interpretation?”, in: Papers from the First and Second Postgraduate Forums in Byzantine Studies: Sailing to Byzantium, S. Neocleous (ed.), Newcastle 2009, 77-104.


Bonfiglio, E., “Notes on the Manuscript Tradition of Anianus Celedensis’ Translation of John Chrysostom’s Homiliae in Matthaeum [CPG 4424]”, in: Studia Patristica 47, J. R. Baun, A. Cameron, M. Edwards, and M. Vinzent (eds.), Leuven 2010, 287-293.


Bonfiglio, E., “Koriwn”, “Łewond”, “Movsēs Xorenac‘i’”, “Primary History”, “Sebēos”, in: Encyclopedia of the Medieval Chronicle, Raymond G. Dunphy (ed.), 2 vols., Leiden, 2010, ii, 977, 1021–1022, 1125–1127, 1234, 1347–1348.


Bonfiglio, E., “The Armenian Translations of John Chrysostom: The Issue of Selection”, in: Caught in Translation: Studies on Versions of Late-Antique Christian Literature, M. Toca and D. Batovici (eds.), Texts and Studies in Eastern Christianity 17, Leiden 2020, 35–63.


Bonfiglio, E., State, Church, and Media Manipulation in Late Antiquity: John Chrysostom and the Homilies Before his First Exile, Oxford University Press [in completion].


Bonfiglio, E. and C. Rapp (eds.), Armenia & Byzantium Without Borders, Armenian Texts and Studies, Leiden [forthcoming].

W: https://doaks.academia.edu/EmilioBonfiglio



E: emilio.bonfiglio@gmail.com