Dr. Matthew Kinloch

Division for Byzantine Research/Institute for Medieval Research of the Austrian Academy of Sciences


BA in Ancient, Medieval, and Modern History (Durham, 2010-3), supervised by Len Scales; MRes in Byzantine Studies (Birmingham, 2013-4), supervised by Ruth Macrides; DPhil in History (Oxford, 2014-8), with a thesis entitled ‘Rethinking Thirteenth-century Byzantine Historiography: A Postmodern, Narrativist, and Narratological Approach’, supervised by Catherine Holmes. Visiting Researcher in Greek Linguistics and Philology (Uppsala, 2016-7), advised by Ingela Nilsson.

His research for the Wittgenstein-Prize Project focuses on late Byzantine social history, particularly the investigation of agency and collective action in documentary and historiographical texts.


Research interests:

  • Late Byzantine historiography
  • Narratology and narrative theory
  • Postmodernism and the philosophy of historiography
  • The textual construction of agency, group formation, and collective action  
  • Byzantine/medieval settlements and urbanism
  • Gender and queer historiography
  • Byzantine reception studies


Publications (selection):

Kinloch, M., Rethinking Thirteenth-Century Byzantine Historiography: A Postmodern, Narrativist, and Narratological Approach (Doctoral Thesis for the University of Oxford, 2018).

Kinloch, M., ‘The Laskarid Polity as Protagonist: Political Action, Characters, and Anthropomorphism’, in A. Simpson and P. Papadopoulou (eds.), The Empire of Nicaea Revisited (Forthcoming). 

Kinloch, M., ‘The Nikaian Narrative: Rethinking the Historiography of the Thirteenth-Century ‘Byzantine World’’, in Kutlu Akalin (ed.), Iznik/Nicaea on its way to become UNESCO world heritage site (Forthcoming).

Kinloch, M., and MacFarlane, A. (eds.), Trends and Turning-Points: Constructing the Late Antique and Byzantine World (Forthcoming). 


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