Dr. Johannes Preiser-Kapeller

Division for Byzantine Research/Institute for Medieval Research of the Austrian Academy of Sciences


Born 1977, Zwettl (NÖ). Dr. phil. (Byzantine Studies), University of Vienna 2006. Senior Research Associate at the Division for Byzantine Research/Institute for Medieval Research of the Austrian Academy of Sciences and Lecturer at the University of Vienna. In the Wittgenstein-project focus on the survey, analysis and visualisation of the mobility of people and objects with the help of digital tools (network analysis, GIS) and concepts of social and spatial theory, integrating thematic and regional research interests as indicated below.


Research interests:

  • Byzantine history in comparison and entanglement within the Medieval World
  • Social and Spatial Network Analysis and Complexity Theory
  • Socioeconomic and ecclesiastical history of Byzantium
  • Environmental and Climate History of the medieval Mediterranean and beyond
  • Harbours and maritime networks in the medieval Eastern Mediterranean
  • Relations between Byzantium and the Caucasus
  • Byzantine Diplomacy and Diplomatics



Publications (selection):

Preiser-Kapeller, J., with L. Reinfandt – Y. Stouraitis (eds.), Migration Histories of the Medieval Afroeurasian Transition Zone. Aspects of mobility between Africa, Asia and Europe, 300-1500 C.E. (Studies in Global Migration History 39/13), Leiden – Boston 2020, 478 pp. (open access: https://brill.com/view/title/55556)

Preiser-Kapeller, J., Jenseits von Rom und Karl dem Großen: Aspekte der globalen Verflechtung in der langen Spätantike, 300-800 n. ChrVienna 2018 (https://www.mandelbaum.at/buch.php?id=777)

Preiser-Kapeller, J. – Daim, F. (eds.), Harbours and Maritime Networks as Complex Adaptive Systems [RGZM Tagungen], Mainz 2015. 

Preiser-Kapeller, J., “Liquid Frontiers. A relational analysis of maritime Asia Minor as religious contact zone in the 13th-15th century”, in: Islam and Christianity in Medieval Anatolia, A. Peacock – B. De Nicola – S. Nur Yıldız (eds.), Aldershot 2015, pp. 117-146.

Preiser-Kapeller, J., “A Collapse of the Eastern Mediterranean? New results and theories on the interplay between climate and societies in Byzantium and the Near East, ca. 1000–1200 AD.”, Jahrbuch der Österreichischen Byzantinistik 65 (2015), pp. 195-242.


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